Media and Learning 2014

From passive to active use of media in teaching and learning

Come to Brussels and share your experience in media literacy and education with practitioners, policy-makers and stakeholders from all over Europe and beyond. Find out about the networks and cross-border initiatives that are exploring ways to make learning more creative, inclusive and effective. We are designing a programme for you that will be targeted, entertaining and above all engaging – prepare to be inspired at Media & Learning 2014!

Latest conference news

07/04/2014 - Organisers of the annual Media & Learning Conference held this year on 20-21 November in Brussels are happy to announce the names of their first 2 confirmed plenary speakers. The first is Lord David Puttnam, renowned independent producer of award-winning films, Chancellor of the Open University and champion of the creative arts in education. He will be joined by Stephen Howell, Academic Engagement Manager from Microsoft who is a passionate defender of teaching programming to pupils from an early age.

24/02/2014 - The call for ideas for the Media & Learning Conference will open on 1 March - all ideas should be submitted by 31 May. We are interested in receiving your suggestions for discussion topics, presentations, demonstrations, master classes and workshops but remember they need to be closely related to the conference themes. If you would like to discuss a suggestion or an idea you have for the conference then drop us a line, we are happy to hear from you!

31/01/2014 - The dates for the Media & Learning Conference 2014 have been announced: 20-21 November! Check the press release here

08/01/2014 - The full report of the Media and Learning Conference 2013 is now available! You can also read a synopsis of the programme.

20 - 21 November 2014 Flemish Ministry of Education Headquarters, Brussels #mlconf14