EduTubePlus: Virtual Workshop on Creating Your Own Video

A series of online modules for creative and curious teachers who are keen on integrating video in their classroom activities. You will learn in a number of simple steps how you can complement your learning and teaching activities with (moving) images. Moreover, you will also learn how you can create these materials yourself so that they are fit for use.
This workshop was created in the framework of the EduTubePlus project ( along with face-to-face training sessions that took place in 2009 and 2010. The lesson plans that are mentioned in the workshop are only accessible to EduTubePlus portal users.

The EduTubePlus project aims to develop a European hybrid, multilingual video-based service for schools. This service will integrate thousands of multi-lingual curriculum-related video-clips by major European educational TV & video providers, with tools enabling educators to enrich the library with user-generated clips. The EduTubePlus service will enable users to develop, translate and share video-based learning scenarios and lessons, to search resources using terms related to their national curriculum and to use video in a pedagogically relevant manner in-class.
The EduTubePlus service will come about as a result of the effective adaptation, extension and integration of existing digital educational video resources and services, robust technical solutions, pedagogical knowledge, best practices and success stories.

Table of contents: 

This is what you can expect in those modules:
- Introduction - What do you need when making videos?
- Streaming - What is streaming video and how can you use it in the classroom?
- Shooting - How to prepare for recording our own images, how does it work, what should you do?
- Capturing - What to do once you are finished recording? How to load images into the computer for editing?
- Editing - How to edit, process, enhance your video with additional images, sound, music, text, effects...?
- Publishing - Where and how can you publish your finished movie?
- Practise - Some tests and exercises to test your video production skills.
- Showtime - Some examples of videos that were created by participants who took these workshops in the past.
- Lessons - Examples of lessons that apply video in the classroom.
- Resources - Sources and more related materials








ATiT, EduTubePlus





eduMedia Share is a place for teachers to host and share visual and interactive resources. At eduMedia Share you can:

* Upload your media (images, animations, videos)
* Discover and download interesting resources
* Tag, comment and have fun

Resources for teachers. For all teachers! No language or subject limitation. You can add your own resources, tag, comment or even download your collegue ones to use in class. And of course, all of this is free! Search eduMedia Share and discover your collegue?s work! This site is yours!
Which filetypes may I upload?
The most common internet ones:

* Photos, drawings : jpg, gif, png
* Animations, simulations : swf, animated gif
* Videos : avi, mpg, mov, wmv

EduTube Educational Videos

With a slogan as "EduTube Educational Videos - find the best videos on the web in one place" EduTube focuses on educational videos, which are linked from other video repository sites such as YouTube, MetaCafe, … so this web site is actually a collection of linked and embedded educational videos. Uploading to this site isn't possible, which is a difference with sites such as YouTube.

European Commission´s Audiovisual Service

The European Commission´s Audiovisual Service is the "EU related news and archive service providing indispensable information tailored for professionals in the media. We supply up to the minute audiovisual news coverage to the media around the world and deliver unique archive on the history of the EU.

We offer video, photo and sound coverage of European news. We also provide assistance for journalists wishing to cover EU subjects. Get the sights and sounds of Europe directly onto your screen – via the Internet and via Europe by Satellite. All our materials are available in professional standards. European audiovisual material dating from the 1940s is also available."

Teachers TV

Teachers TV was the digital channel for everyone who works in schools. Its programmes covered every subject in the curriculum, all key stages and every professional role – from teaching assistant to headteacher. You could watch it on digital cable and satellite and programmes are also available anytime, on-demand and for free on this website. Sadly, along with many other well-known UK agencies active in the education and training sphere including Becta, Teachers TV has fallen foul of cutbacks in UK spending. From the end of March 2011 this terrific source of free education videos and resources aimed at the professional development of teachers has no longer been available.

Luckily its resources are now available on
- TES:
as well as other repositories:
- Promethean Planet:
- Teachers Media:
- SchoolsWorld:
- Teachfind:

Table of contents: 

key stages
whole school issues
tv guide
learning journeys

Video in the classroom

Video in the Classroom was founded in 2003 by Mathew Needleman to focus on video production in the elementary grades. The site was recently relaunched to showcase the work of elementary educators from across the country and provide additional how-to information, additional links, and a complete redesign.

Table of contents: 

View Films
Make Films


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