Chemistry: All About You

Çhemistry: All About You - Teach chemistry in a fun and innovative way is a website whereteachers can find chemistry resources to organise activities in the classroom around the video "Chemistry: All About You" developed by the European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) in partnership with UNESCO and IUPAC. The objective is to propose tools for an innovative and multi-disciplinary approach of chemistry teaching.
Video, teachers'guidelines, lesson plans, documents and experiment modules are available on the website.

Planète Sankoré - Portail de la pédagogie numérique

Planète Sankoré is both an online community and a database with a lot of a free digital educational resources available. An search engine allows users to find, searching by discipline and/or by grade, evaluate and share resources in the database and over 600 selected sites. Once logged in, users can also create free educational resources, share creative commons, create thematic groups, participate in communities of specific countries of interest, write and spread their own blog.

Sankoré is an open-source interactive digital teaching software for all DITs and interactive tool and it can be downloaded from the website:

LRE - Learning Resource Exchange

The Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) for schools is developed and coordinated by European Schoolnet (EUN, and enables schools to find educational content from many different countries and providers. Anyone is able to browse content in the LRE federation of repositories and teachers that register can also use LRE social tagging tools, rate LRE content, save their Favourite resources and share links to these resources with their friends.

Other info about the project at

Xplore Health

Xplore Health is a European educational portal on cutting-edge health research that offers innovative multimedia and hands-on experiences to young people through the internet, schools and science centres and museums. This project's aims are: to bridge the gap between research and education, to inspire future researchers, to promote scientific literacy and to stimulate dialogue.
On the Xplore Health website, you can find a multimedia gallery with lots of videos, games and experiments and various resources for educators such as classroom activities, educators' guides and experiments protocols.


e-Bug is a free educational resource for classroom and home use that makes learning about micro-organisms, the spread, prevention and treatment of infection fun and accessible for all students.

The website is divided in three sections for Junior Students, Senior Students and for Teachers, where lesson plans, student worksheets, activities and presentations are available. All activities and plans have been designed to complement the National Curriculum. The student pages complement the teacher resources by providing online games, revision pages and more to continue the learning experience at home.

EU-HOU Hands-on Universe

The EU-HOU project ("Hands-On Universe, Europe. Bringing frontline interactive astronomy to the classroom") is a collaboration of hundreds of teachers and scientists from 14 countries with the purpose of creating a way for students to get excited by science, primarily through the use of astronomy.

This project developed hands-on exercises (available at in lot of different languages, designed to promote an active learning by giving student real astronomical data to find a new planet, explore volcanos on the moons of Jupiter, classify stars, or weigh a galaxy. Each exercise comes complete with detailed instructions for how easily display, analyze, and interpret the data in the classroom, using the free software SalsaJ, downloadable at

Folk DC - Digital Children’s Folksongs for Language Learning

The Digital Children’s Folksongs for Language and Cultural Learning (Folk DC) project is a European Union project designed to motivate young language learners to engage with language learning through using Folk songs, and activities around the songs. The project aims to introduce an understanding of the number, richness and culture of other languages when children start to learn a foreign language and begin to understand the meaning of additional languages.

Songs are in 10 European languages (Czech, Danish, English, Finnish, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish) and they are available both on YouTube ( and on the FolkDC wiki (, where you can also add your own song.

WissensWerte – animated video clips for political education

WissensWerte ( is a project by edeos - digital education (, a small Berlin-based agency specialized in producing and distributing web-based knowledge content.
Within the project, the german nonprofit organisation / e.V. publishes and distributes a series of innovative animated video clips for political education. Technically state of the art and didactically elaborated, the clips offer an exciting way to learn about politics.

One of WissensWerte videos is about Human Rights and can be watched on the edeos YouTube channel: This video is available in English, French, Spanish and German.

Quel rôle pour les ressources vidéos en ligne dans une perspective actionnelle de l'apprentissage des langues ?

Dans le cadre du module 'Analyse de Ressources Pédagogiques Multimédias' du Master AIGEME, les étudiants s’interrogent sur l'apport pédagogique de la vidéo. Certains travaux, d'une qualité particulièrement élevée, ont été sélectionnés pour figurer dans la base de données MEDEA. Extrait de l'introduction :
"J'ai choisi de présenter ici deux ressources en Français Langue Etrangère qui, sans constituer nécessairement des tâches à part entière, me semblent néanmoins être intéressantes dans le cadre de cette réflexion dans la mesure où elles contribuent par la vidéo à la mise en scène du contexte d'utilisation de la langue cible. Il s'agit de deux ressources ayant pour objectif de préparer les étudiants étrangers aux études en France. Les activités sont donc une préparation aux tâches qu'auront à accomplir les étudiants pendant leurs études en France. Je propose dans cette analyse d'étudier les fonctions des vidéos utilisées et les choix opérés par les équipes de réalisation, notamment les choix effectués entre documents authentiques et pédagogisés (« pédagogisés » : créés dans un but pédagogique). Ceci permettra de voir en quoi ces vidéos ressortissent éventuellement à une approche actionnelle de l'apprentissage des langues."






Aline Filiot, étudiante en Master AIGEME à l'Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle (2010-2011)




10 pages


UNESCO Audiovisual E-Platform

The UNESCO Audiovisual E-Platform is an online catalogue for independent producers and broadcasters providing access to video material from all over the developing world. It currently contains over 650 productions from more than 85 countries and also contains some really interesting programmes (short fiction films, documentaries and TV magazines).


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