Learning from History / Lernen aus der Geschichte

Learning & Teaching offers teachers and other educators a free-of-charge resource pool of educational materials and methodological ideas. This website provides web seminars on themes in the field of historical and civic education, presented by experts from both academic and practical teaching contexts. As a registered user, you can take part in web seminars in real time and ask your own questions. Members can also share their own materials.

This website has four main areas: Learning & Teaching (in German), Participating & Networking, Learning Online & International Dialogue.

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NHK Creative Library

A collection of remarkable video bits about various subjects of interest, from wildlife to Japanese culture. Easily reusable because mostly without comentary voice over. Good production quality. As the site in entirely in Japanese it is difficult to browse the site but with Google Translate the site can be accessed with little difficulty.

Table of contents: 


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Learning Games - Games about learning or learning about games?

This is a blog about games, learning and both combined

Table of contents: 

* Assessment
* Attention
* Augmented Reality
* Call for Papers
* Call for Research Proposals
* CCK09
* Communication
* conferences
* Digital Natives
* Education
* Game Development
* Game Development Based Learning
* Games Based Learning
* Gaming Addiction
* Learning
* Math
* Metaplace
* Mobile
* Moodle
* Multi-tasking
* Net Generation
* Physics
* Plagiarism
* Play
* Pop Culture
* Second Life
* Second Life Blogs
* Sloodle
* Social Networking
* Students
* Teaching
* Technology
* Twitch Speed
* Uncategorized
* Virtual Worlds

Playful Learning

The web site Playful was created to share learning materials with families and teachers.


Blog about all kinds of media use in education.

Table of contents: 

• Audio (audio)
• Bildung (eduation)
• Didaktik (didactics)
• eLearning allgemein (e-learning in general)
• eLearning Volksschule (e-learning in primary school)
• Fotografie (photography)
• Games
• Hardware
• Internet in der Schule (Internet in schools)
• Kinder und Internet (children and Internet)
• Lego Mindstorms
• Metaversen (metaverses)
• Multimedia
• Neue Medien (new media)
• Podcasting
• Publizieren im Web (online publishing)
• Rechtliches (legal)
• SecondLife
• Software
• Spiele (Games)
• Technik (technology)
• Video im Unterricht (video in class)
• Web 2.0

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With eduMedia, teachers have access to a wide collection of educational simulations which cover all the main scientific subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and General Sciences for levels ranging from primary school pupils to university undergraduates. The teaching expertise that has gone into developing the content allows us to provide highly visual and interactive classroom material to illustrate aspects of the course which would be difficult to present using traditional media.
The eduMedia site is constantly being updated and offers to date almost 380 downloadable interactive simulations available to any teacher whose school is an eduMedia subscriber.










650 animations (2011)


Media Education Foundation (MEF)

The Media Education Foundation produces and distributes documentary films and other educational resources to inspire critical reflection on the social, political and cultural impact of American mass media.

Table of contents: 

* videos to purchase with video previews
* study guides

For example:
View the trailer for this film on You Tube / video preview on MEF site
In this section:
Logistical Information
Biographical Summary
Reviews and Comments
Screenings and Festivals


The information center for digital media in school and education from a School of Education in Switzerland.

Table of contents: 

Unterricht (Education)
• Aktuell (latest)
• Praxis (in practice)
• Bild, Ton, Text (images, sound, text)
• Links

Lernmedien (educational media)
• Aktuell (latest)
• Offline Lernen (learning offline)
• Online Lernen (learning online)

Beratung (Consulting)
• Konzeptberatung (concept discussion)
• ICT-Entwicklungskonzept Solothurn (ICT development concept Solothurn)
• Prävention (prevention)
• Schulen im Netz (schools on the Internet)
• Freie Software (free software)

Weiterbildung (further education)
• Kurse (courses)
• Schulinterne Weiterbildung (school related further education)
• Pädagogischer Support (pedagogical support)
• Media Experts
• Veranstaltungen Rückblick (events – review)

• Basel-Karlsruhe-Forum
• Termine (dates)
• Education-News
• Ausleihe (lending)
• Wikimedias
• Links
• Über uns (about us)

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eduMedia Share is a place for teachers to host and share visual and interactive resources. At eduMedia Share you can:

* Upload your media (images, animations, videos)
* Discover and download interesting resources
* Tag, comment and have fun

Resources for teachers. For all teachers! No language or subject limitation. You can add your own resources, tag, comment or even download your collegue ones to use in class. And of course, all of this is free! Search eduMedia Share and discover your collegue?s work! This site is yours!
Which filetypes may I upload?
The most common internet ones:

* Photos, drawings : jpg, gif, png
* Animations, simulations : swf, animated gif
* Videos : avi, mpg, mov, wmv

Digital Storytelling Project

This page provides hands-on experience on developing digital stories, outlines the challenges and advantages of media production in education; discusses strategies for integrating media into the curriculum, offers suggestions and online resources for producing video in the classroom with minimal resources and equipment, describes students' experiences with documentary storytelling, using telecommunication tools, and showcases their projects.

Also included: downloadable guidelines (.doc) to make an animation / movie with Powerpoint slides and Windows Movie Maker to enable teachers to create their own animations with sound.


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