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Media Literacy Clearinghouse

A web site designed for K-12 educators who want to:
- learn more about media literacy
- integrate it into classroom instruction
- help students read the media
- help students become more media aware

Project-based learning with multimedia

SRI International's Center for Technology in Learning evaluated the Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project from 1995 to 2000. The evaluation examined three aspects of the Multimedia Project: its dissemination across various schools and districts, its impact on teaching practice, and its effects on student achievement. This page is designed to offer the evaluation findings to specific audiences: Technology Coordinators and Administrators, Teachers, Students and Parents, Business Partners, and Researchers. There are also Quick Links to the full evaluation reports, slide presentations, research and evaluation tools, and related research into education and technology.

Table of contents: 

Overview and Administration
Includes Overview, Directory, Research & Evaluation information
PBL with Multimedia Topics
Many topics on Project-Based Learning supported by Multimedia including the Scoring Rubric
Curriculum and Activities
Specific activities, Curriculum ideas, technology guides, and CD-ROM technical support
Classroom Examples
Database of Example Projects, Analysis of Projects
Communicate with other teachers and administrators about PBL+MM
Search and Site Map

Tech Support
for the PBL with Multimedia CD-RO

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Using Authentic Video in the Language classroom

Using film and video in the classroom is motivating and fun but can be daunting for the teacher. This book guides and supports teachers with plenty of practical suggestions for activities which can be used with drama, soap opera, comedy, sports programmes and documentaries. Many of the activities will lend themselves for use with DVD and webcasts.

Table of contents: 

Part A
Video Drama
• Introduction
• Full-length feature films
• Other video drama
Non-fiction video
• Introduction
• Programmes about real life
• Short sequences and promotions

Part B
Activities with authentic video
• Video comprehension
• Activities (sorted alphabetically)
• Glossary

Australian Children's Television Foundation

The ACTF is committed to providing Australian children with entertaining media made especially for them, which makes an enduring contribution to their cultural and educational experience.

Table of contents: 

About us
• Introduction
• Staff
• Board of Directors
• Annual Report
• Corporate Plan
• Submissions/Articles

• Introduction
• Producation Search
• Team
• Contact

Learning Centre
• Introduction
• Teaching Materials
• Search
• Advanced Search
• Senior Resources
• Catalogue
• Education News
• Kahootz
• Professional Development
• Contact
• ACTF Schools (About, Advisory Schools, School Resources)

• Introduction
• Awards and Reviews
• ACTF Production Websites
• Productions

• Introduction
• Types of support
• Funding Approvals
• Applications
• Other Resources
• Kids 360


• Care for kids
• Education News




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