Conference programme

Please note that the programme will be further developed in the coming weeks and that it is subject to change.

Opening Plenary


Conference opening plenary featuring leading experts and stakeholder representatives who will explore the relevance of digital citizenship amongst young people in society today.

  • Growing up and living with the opportunities and risks posed by changes taking place in communication: the need for a new dialogue between young people and adults
    Prof Friedrich Krotz, ZeMKI, University of Bremen, Germany
  • Digital Citizenship Education
    Villano Qiriazi, Council of Europe

Coffee break

According to wikipedia, the 'coffee break' allegedly originated in the late 19th century in Wisconsin, USA with the wives of Norwegian immigrants - but in conference terms it has come to mean the time when you meet old friends and catch up on news and developments.

BE Aware!

Master Class

Understanding the power of the image with Ersilia

(Maximum participation 25)

ERSILIA is a digital platform dedicated to activate critical thinking amongst young people towards the image and by the image. It is a cross-disciplinary tool that involves educational, artistic and cultural actors. Its purpose is to help students to find their way through this all-images environment; considering images, as representations of reality, in the light of contemporary social, political and cultural codes. The platform focuses on media and visual education to develop innovative pedagogical schemes that foster experience of knowledge via associations of forms and ideas. ERSILIA’s goal is to train active, connected and concerned observers, aware of the codification and usages of images, to drive dialogues and collaborative actions. Ersilia is a result of collaboration between Le Bal and Evens Foundation.


BE Responsible!

Innovation Showcase

Effective schemes that promote online responsibility amongst young people.

  • MyComment resources and materials
    Mediawijzer, The Netherlands
  • YouDecide
    Karoline Tømte, Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education, Norway
  • Wetewa
    Joos Callens, Mediaraven, Belgium

BE Adventurous!


Demonstration area featuring AR and VR services including applications in learning settings.
Live demos to include:
- Hololens
- Oculus Rift

    Philip Penny & Robert Griffin, IADT, Ireland
  • Using Hololens for medical training
    Beerend P. Hierck, Leiden University Medical Center , The Netherlands & Leontine van Melle, Leiden University, Centre for Innovation - New Media Lab, The Netherlands
  • Applying AR in school subjects including maths and cultural studies
    Mauro Figueiredo, Algarve University, Portugal


Lunch will be provided in the conference venue and is free to all registered participants. It will be served buffet-style providing you with plenty of opportunities to meet existing friends and colleagues. You can also use the time to visit the stands hosted by various organisations active in the Media and Learning sector.

Supporting the development of digital citizens


This session will highlight how different European countries are implementing digital citizenship schemes in formal and informal education settings.

  • Delivering a Digital Citizenship curriculum in schools
    Ken Corish, UK Safer Internet Centre, UK
  • Digital Citizenship in the curriculum across Europe
    Hans Martens, European Schoolnet
  • Digital Citizenship initiatives in the Nordic Region
    Ilana Eleá, The International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media, Sweden
  • A Media Literacy Framework for urban children in China
    Zhang Haibo, Guangzhou Children’s Palace, China

BE Responsible!

Master Class

Freedom of expression
(Maximum participation 25)

It will be organised as a BarCamp with participants invited to first reflect on what they understand by Freedom of Expression and then to work together with Stéphane and Carole to identify ways in which students and teachers can organise meaningful relevant activities in the classroom. There will be an emphasis on exploring how and why a balance needs to be found between freedom of speech and limitation on the grounds of discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, sex or religion.


Coffee break

According to wikipedia, the 'coffee break' allegedly originated in the late 19th century in Wisconsin, USA with the wives of Norwegian immigrants - but in conference terms it has come to mean the time when you meet old friends and catch up on news and developments.

BE Creative!

Innovation Showcase

Session highlighting different approaches that can be used to support students’ online creativity including cross border collaboration.

  • Cinekid AppLab: Curating content: High quality apps for children
    Anne Schaepman & Emma O’Hare, Cinekid, The Netherlands
  • Digital Innovation in Cultural and Heritage Education in the light of 21st century learning (DICHE)
    Sally Reynolds, ATiT, Belgium
  • My journey in a South Korean computer museum: closing the gap with culture through play and learning
    Solip Park, Aalto University , Finland

BE an effective Digital Citizen!

Demonstration of materials and resources to support the development of effective digital citizenship.
  • Medianest
    Elke Boudry, Mediawijs, Belgium
  • CommonSpaces used to create learning paths built on foreign language learning OERs
    Andrea Spila, CommonSpaces Project Team, Italy

MEDEA Awards ceremony and reception

Now into its 9th year, the annual MEDEA Awards have established themselves as a key benchmark in identifying excellent use of media at all levels of education. This awards ceremony will bring to light the very best of this year’s entries when the winners of the main awards and prizes will be announced.

Make sure to bring plenty of business cards and get ready to meet lots of new people during this highly interactive networking reception where we mix business with pleasure. During the reception you will have the chance to meet many of the people on the conference programme and to share your ideas and plans related to media education and media literacy.


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