Fiona Passantino

Fiona Passantino is a specialist in the development of online Flash-based educational resources for young people. She is a freelance Art/Creative director and founder of Distant Train, a creative design company specialized in commercial Flash animation and educational multimedia development. The company is based in The Hague, the Netherlands and was founded in 1995. It has won a series of design awards, including a 2006 Webby Honorable Mention for the best eLearning website for adult resources and recently named developer of excellence in Jaar van het Leren 2009.

Along with her commercial consulting work, Fiona is an expert for the European Commission in the area of online education and an adjunct professor in the Media Department at Webster University, teaching animation via Flash CS4, website design and new media development, graphic design and illustration via Adobe CS4 design suite.

Fiona first published her ideas about using Flash animation for educational purposes in 1999 in the journal Intercultural Education: later that year, Distant Train was awarded a three-year grant from the Dutch Ministry of Education and the European Union to develop Big Myth a large scale Flash-based educational website for the study of world mythology. In the summer of 2010, Fiona launched her second release - DinosaurDays – a Flash-based educational resource introducing the study of dinosaurs to girls. Fiona continues to design educational and commercial websites in both Flash and HTML, but specializes in the creation of creative online learning environments using Flash animation. Her format for Flash-based educational material can be adapted for practically any subject, and she is currently working on projects in the field of biology, history, and the natural sciences for international publishers. Distant Train’s clients include the Anne Frank House, Wolters Noordhoff, Wolters Kluwer and the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden.

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