Hans Laugesen

Hans Laugesen is senior educational policy officer and International Secretary in GL, the National Union of Upper Secondary School Teachers in Denmark. Denmark is a frontrunner regarding the use of ICT in education, and Hans has negotiated conditions for using ICT in upper secondary schools and the teachers’ pedagogical ICT training for more than 25 years. He has been project coordinator on behalf of ETUCE, the European Trade Union Committee for Education, of the ELFE1 and ELFE2 projects dealing with the pedagogical use of ICT in schools. The projects involved 8 EU countries. Hans has represented ETUCE at several European conferences on ICT in education and Quality in Education, and in EU Commission workgroups.

Hans has a background of upper secondary school teacher. He is a university candidate in political science and geography and has a higher diploma in public administration. He has been teaching at University of Copenhagen and been a Fulbright Scholar at University of Berkeley, California.

He is currently responsible for the professional in-service teacher training division in GL, which delivers 75% of all in-service training to teachers in the general upper secondary schools. He represents GL in the national reference groups on PISA and TALIS in the Ministry of Education and represents GL at conferences with EU and OECD and with other teachers union around the world.