Marc Durando

Marc Durando has over 20 years experience in the field of education and training, both at European and national level. Since 1983 he worked in the education and training area, where after 5 years of activities in the field of continuing education for enterprises he developed specific expertise in the area of European cooperation in the field of education and training. He occupied successively the post of Director of the COMETT Technical Assistance Office and the SOCRATES&YOUTH Technical Assistance Office. At the end of 1998 he joined the Pôle Universitaire Européen de Lorraine where he developed European projects in the field of education and training and provided consultancy services in the area of European cooperation in education and training.

Since September 2006, Marc Durando joined the European Schoolnet network as Executive Director of EUN. As a network of 31 MoE, European Schoolnet provides its member Ministries with in-depth analysis of the state of play of ICT in education across Europe. It also facilitates peer learning activities between Ministries of Education in key areas such as development of digital learning resources, standardisation, impact of ICT in schools, use and impact of interactive whiteboards and 21st Century digital skills for teachers and pupils. EUN thus provides a platform where all Ministries can define together the agenda for the future development of ICT in education and exchange policy and practice. In addition, European Schoolnet provides a unique space for collaborative teaching and learning for any teacher or school in Europe.