Steven Ronsijn

Steven Ronsijn is teacher and educational ICT-coordinator at the Sint-Lievenscollege Gent in Belgium. As a teacher in unprescribed teaching time he is coach of a new learning project called ‘genY’ which combines innovative and educative marketing and communicating projects that will last for several years, made by and for the youth with two important core qualities: market research and creative communications.

His students of the sixth and final year of general secondary education at the Sint-Lievenscollege experiment with video, audio and games during the ‘genY-lessons’ on several digital platforms such as Youtube, Facebook… The participative video-project ‘Anti-anti’ – MEDEA Special Award Winner 2008 – is a learning-event from students for students against the omnipresence of useless violence in society and was developed by five 17-years-old students who combined sound and digital video into an attractive learning package related to many official attainment targets.

Steven is also productmanager of the digital software-application ‘iumiTM’ for interactive (white)boards at the company Playlane. This digital-board-technology independent and free application is daily used by thousands of teachers in Belgium and the Netherlands and facilitates all media-resources to be imported by the teacher directly into selfmade or professional developed learning content on the interactive board.