Catherine Chapman

Catherine Chapman has a BA (hons) in Communication Studies, CTEFLA, DELTA and a Masters Degree in Educational Technology and ELT (Manchester University, UK). She has taught EFL, EAP and IT skills in several countries, worked in ELT management and has developed web-based ELT/EAP materials projects in institutions including Istanbul Technical University (Turkey) and Newcastle University (UK).

Catherine now works as an ELT Consultant for BBC Learning English, designing and producing multi-platform ELT materials for learners all over the world. She was nominated for the British Council's award for innovation in ELT in 2009 for Face up to Phrasals, an ELT product designed for the Facebook format.

BBC Learning English has been producing ELT materials for over 70 years. In addition to our public service remit, we work on projects around the world for English language teaching via radio, TV, online and mobile for which BBC Learning English produces the content either on a commercial basis or as a direct commission. We are interested in making contact with potential partners for both commercial and non-commercial partnerships.