Özge Karaoglu

Ozge Karaoglu is a freelance teacher trainer and an educational consultant in teaching young/very young learners and teaching with web based technologies; for international organizations, schools and institutes. She is currently working in Turkey as an EFL teacher and the coordinator of the kindergarten department.

She is working for Mindactiva in the USA, as the educational coordinator and the script writer of "Yes, I Can Speak English" DVD series that aims at teaching young learners English through media. She is also the educational and the content coordinator of the new reader series "Minigon" for young learners.

She is the author of "Ozge Karaoglu's Blog" on which she writes about teaching English through technology and Web 2.0 tools to help educators to develop themselves. Her blog has been ranked in the 50 Best Blogs for Education Leaders, in the Top 50 Education Technology Blogs, in the Top 50 Blog for e-Learning Tools and Tips as well as nominated for three different Edublog Awards.

She has been involved in many online projects and presented at online and international conferences about teaching children and using technology in education. She is also the winner of the Creativity and Innovation Award, MEDEA Awards, 2009.