Dr Conor Galvin

I am University Lecturer and Researcher at UCD College of Human Sciences, Dublin Ireland.
I work on various education, ICT, public policy and development practice programmes. My research interests include the politics of professionalism, teachers’ professional knowledge, innovation in an information age, e-learning, schools’ ICT and the impact of new and emergent technology on learning and society. From 2007 to 2008, I was a member of the Minister for Education’s Strategy Group on Education ICT (Ireland). I lead a major evaluator of the Diageo Liberties Learning Initiative, Dublin, was external evaluator on the EU-funded DigEuLit project and recently completed a full research evaluation of the CONNECT School project, Ireland. I have also acted as Assessor on a number of EU actions relating to the Information Society - most recently on eLearning and MINERVA - and have been National Delegate (Ireland) to an OECD summit on the Information Society & Education. Since December 2005 I have been an Associate at Teachers TV, a media company with a strong and growing presence in the area of new-technology led teacher education and development. In January 2009, I joined the Scientific Board of the ShareTec Project – a major, EU-funded digital repository project. I am a director of Action Lesotho, Ireland, and an adviser to the Global E-Schools and Communities Initiative (GESCI) – a UN sponsored agency working out of Ireland since 1995.

I hold The President’s Award for Teaching Excellence at UCD and regularly speak at ICT / IST events in Ireland and Europe. In the past three years I have keynoted EUN, British Council and Microsoft Innovative School events. Before joining UCD I worked at University of Wales Swansea and University of Cambridge, England.