Stephen Gray

As part of JISC Digital Media, I advise institutions on issues relating to their digital collections. Issues range from the long-term preservation of content, through digitisation to efficient delivery of resources. My special interests include standards, metadata and the management of arts research data.

I'm also project manager for the JISC-funded Managing Performance Research Data project and technical consultant for the AHRC-funded DEDEFI project.

The UK's universities are making use of digital media more than ever before. In part this is done to meet the evolving expectations of learners but the situation is also due to financial pressures and the increasing need to re-use existing digital assets.

During my presentation "Challenges and Benefits of the institutional digital collection" (Friday, 14h00-15h30, Plateau Room), I will discuss the development of institution-wide digital collections within the UK's Higher Education sector and present real-world examples of how these are being used by teachers, learners, researchers and the support staff who manage them.