Ferdinando Cabrini

Ferdinando Cabrini studied at the University of Torino in Italy and now works for this university's Faculty of Scienze della Formazione of Torino University, where he is coordinating international projects in DAMS (department of drama, theatre, music, cinema, television) and is responsible for International Relationships of EXTRACAMPUS, the university television channel.

He is also responsible for EUTV, the European University Television network, a network project with partners in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, France, Spain and Italy. It was established in June 2009 during a meeting in Brussels with the Commission's Communication Director's office. Furthermore, he is the representative for the iPresume project (2010-2013) promoted by the EUSCEA (European Science Events Assocation) and acted as an expert for ESOF Turin 2010 (EuroScience Open Forum).

Ferdinando has experience as a communication trainer and consultant in policy making for industries, public bodies, third sector, public transports and public health human capital, and has been a consultant and expert for cultural mediation, training in the areas of international relationship, communication, project management, leadership and conflicts management.

As a Science Education Project consultant, he has been actively working for UNESCO ROSTE (Venice), the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (in Trieste) and RTS (Radio Television Switzerland), where he worked on a Science Education TV  Program for the TV series “Children look at Science”.

He has been a Science Journalist for Esquire (Italian edition) and Television Location Manager for Nippon TV. Additionally, he was involved in the entertainment in Venice for Great Exhibitions “Fanti e denari: sei secoli di gioco d’azzardo” and “Le cortigiane di Venezia Il gioco dell’amore”.

Ferdinando also audited as Lead Auditor in SA 8000 (Social Accountability certification, Ethic certification for global business).