Betty Tsakarestou

Dr. Betty Tsakarestou is Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication, Media and Culture of Panteion University, Athens, Greece and Head of Advertising and Public Relations Lab. She teaches courses on “Theory and Practice of Advertising and Public Relations”, “Social Issues in Management”, “Business Ethics and Responsibility” and “Crisis Management” at the undergraduate level. She is also teaching in 3 MA programs (1.MA in Cultural Management, 2. MA in Media Psychology and 3. MA in Public Management) the courses of “Cultural Marketing in Business and in non-profit Organizations”, “Media Responsibility” and “Communication and Government 2.0” correspondingly. Since 2007, Betty Tsakarestou is Visiting Assistant Professor of CSR and Business Ethics at the MBA Program of the University of Cyprus. Her forthcoming book in entitled “The gains of Responsibiity. Coroporate reputation and social innovation” (Kastaniotis editions, 2011).

Her research interests expand into various interconnected areas: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainable Consumption, Fair Trade, Transparency, Accountability and Social Media, Social Innovation, Advertising 2.0-Public Relations 2.0, Public Data and Open/ Collaborative Innovation, Global Governance and Corporate Governance in e-Democracy, Stakeholder Theory as a Network Theory.

She has conducted research under her academic affiliation to Panteion University or her affiliation to Institute of Communication on: 1. Generation Y: Social and Professional Values in Digital Era (2009). 2. Social Media in Greece (2009, 2010). 3. Social Responsibility and Media Responsibility (2007, 2009) 4. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Consumption (2004-2010 annual track study). 5. Communication Strategies of Major Political Parties during the 2004 Greek National Elections (2004).
Her published work is mainly focused on Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Consumption, Social Media and Advertising.

She serves as Secretary General of BOD of the Greek Institute of Communication where she has the academic supervision of the annual research on CSR and Responsible Consumption. She is also member of the academic committee of the European Business Ethics (EBEN) Greece. From October 2006 onwards, she is member of the editorial committee and blogger at the monthly tribune “Vima Ideon”, distributed with the national daiiy Newspaper “TO VIMA”.

Since January 2010 she serves as member of BoD of Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands where she has the academic supervision of the Department of Public Relations and Communication.

Also, from June 2010 she has been appointed the position of Director of Educational Radio-Television at the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs.
Since 2008, she is active member of the social media community contributing in blogs, in twitter, organizing podcasts,  participating in grass-roots campaigns: e.g. public data campaign, EU elections 2009 debate on Greek political parties programs, local co-organizer of TEDxAtehns Oil Spill, hosted at the digital radio-television studio at the Department of Communication, Media and Culture of  Panteion University) (July 2010)