Adriana Sartore

Adriana Sartore is a teacher in the primary school Direzione Didattica di Cassola in Italy, where she is reponsible for ICT support, applying ICT in the various didactic processes. She is a member of the international Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) program and is interested in audio-visual production and experimentations in media education. She has been a tutor in numerous trainings for primary school teachers and received many prizes and acknowledgments, like the Junior Global Challenge 2009, an international competition which rewards the best projects concerning the new computer science technologies, communications and data sharing for educational purposes.

Furthermore, Adriana is contact point of the “Cartoons at school” laboratory within the Civil Life program of the regional Council of Veneto – E-Democracy Office. She is studying to achieve the degree of “Didactics with New Technologies (DOL)” at the Polytechnic School of Milan. Her website lets students and teachers to share each others materials, instruments, instructions and ideas in order to introduce the new technologies of information and communication in the didactic praxis.

Adriana will present Bla Bla Bla e-democracy e minori, a project that was created in 2009 in which students of the 5th year learned how to create a digital cartoon and learned about the cinematographic and audiovisual language by using videos and cartoons in the Apple multimedia laboratory.