Nick Newman

Nick Newman is the Founder & Creative Director at Careersbox, Cambridge, UK. Over the last 20 years he has developed a deep understanding of the power of technology and film media to enhance and transform important messages. A member of the Institute of Career Guidance and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, he has focused the last 10 years on delivering innovative film-based solutions to both public and private sectors.

With an ethos of free delivery to end users, Careersbox has shaped and influenced the CIAG market in the UK, becoming synonymous with blurring the boundary between information and entertainment. The Careersbox website is used by over 3,500 Secondary Schools and Academies in the UK, with approaching 40,000 unique film viewings per month.

BT Openreach approached Careersbox with a view to trying something a “little different” in terms of producing helpful media for students, parents, guardians and careers professionals alike. The result was LEVEL 7 – a seven module video film project tackling Interview Techniques – a free resource for all the stakeholders in the UK. LEVEL 7 was an opportunity for Careersbox to become architects of the imagination whilst delivering some very useful media which has been extremely successful in schools throughout the UK.