Esko Rips

My first contact with video art dates back from early youth when I made several experimental art videos. It soon grew into a desire of mine and after a while I realized that I wanted to commit myself to this field professionally. In 2001 with a couple of friends I started a production company for films and TV commercials named NAFTA. For nine years now I have been a producer/director and a manager in this company. During this time NAFTA has produced numerous TV commercials for Estonian and Scandinavian banks and leading telecommunication and food companies. We have also made documentaries, scientific and promotional films.

In 2008 we made our first short film “Black Peter” (21 min.) in collaboration with Luxfilm. It received several invitations from international film festivals like Tampere Film Festival, International Odense Film Festival, OPEN CINEMA International Short and Animation Festival in Saint-Petersburg, Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival etc. to take part in their international competition programme. In addition to other prizes and recognitions it was also named the best Estonian short film of the year. Working on “Black Peter” made me realize that being a film producer is my true calling and this is something I want to continue on doing in the future.

So in 2009 I started my studies in production at the Baltic Film and Media School’s international MA level. In the same year we also turned our focus in NAFTA more on film. Since then we have produced 3 short films (“Blackout", "True Colours" and "The Tale of a Nixie") in one year and we currently have 3 full-length feature films in development.

Esko Rips will be talking about Theorem of Fire (Teoreem Tulest), a scientific and educational documentary about fire safety that NAFTA Films created in 2009. The film shows dangerous situations related to various fire accidents with commentaries from appropriate specialists.