Peter Van Gils

Peter was a teacher in primary education for fourteen years. From the start in 1983 he used computers in his classroom (yes, the first was a Commodore 64).

After this Peter was projectleader of the ‘Riverproject’. This was the first real ICT-project for primary school in Flanders. It was organized by the King Baudouin Foundation and the Department of Education in Flanders.

After the project was finished Peter worked for five years for Plantyn, one of the biggest educational publisher in Flanders. As new business manager he was responsible for the website and everything concerning ICT and education.

In the mean time Peter did voluntary work for VVOB, the Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance. He formulated two ICT-projects in Vietnam and instructed teachers in several developing countries.

At the moment Peter is working for KlasCement, the biggest educational portal in Belgium. As project coordinator he is responsible for the site itself, but also for the projects Edufiks and EduTubePlus.