David Blanchard

David Blanchard is an audiovisual (technical production) and Business Administration (Sorbonne Business School) graduate. In 1994, he started at France 5 in the technical department and was in charge of the programs broadcasting. He then managed the technical part of several satellite and internet video on demand platform dedicated to education for 8 years. In 2006, he managed the Customer Relationship unit, and he was named Deputy Director of Educational Department in 2008. He’s a major actor of the development of several websites: www.curiosphere.tv, the educational webtv of France 5; www.lesite.tv, the first pedagogical video on demand service; www.cinelycee.fr, 200 movies from the worldwide film heritage dedicated to students in high schools.

Throughout his career, David has been using his knowledge and skills to develop and manage all kind of activities related to the high quality delivering of contents dedicated to schools, teachers, and students.