Sergio López Figueroa

Sergio is a London based international creative producer, composer and cultural activist. Creator of the Cultural Social Responsibility framework, he is actively promoting cultural heritage as a means towards socio-economic development looking at new forms of co-creative production and participatory learning processes and a fair royalty distribution models. This new framework is looking at social impact through heritage engagement, the production of new work re-using archive media, digital media literacy and intergenerational knowledge transfer.

A curious learner and forward thinking entrepreneur he has completed several business training courses as well as a Master in Digital Content Management, a course focused in the business, technical and legal aspects of the content creative industries. He studied music composition for film at Bournemouth University and the National Film & Television School (NFTS), fixing his residence in London. He specialized in new music for silent films, winning the Harlock award at the Rimusicazioni Film Festival for his score for Un Chien Andalou. In 2007 he was commissioned by Tate modern to write and produced Clonic Mutations for the Dali exhibition, a successful programme of live music scores for silent films.

He is the founder of Big Bang Lab, a cultural-social enterprise and creative development agency working from innovation consultancy to production and creative learning across music, film, heritage and digital media. Sergio is promoting innovative participatory video productions and creative oral history programmes involving artists and communities as well as multiple stakeholder partnerships. He is leading the way in the production of contemporary digital silent films with new music. His contribution to the dissemination of cultural heritage, global citizenship and the creative use of audio-visual archives and new music production for learning purposes has proved particularly rewarding for participants and audiences.

In 2009 he won an international Cultural Leadership award supported by the British Council. His experience in India was a test to reassure the value of a Big Bang Lab model across cultures. Delhi City Symphony was the outcome of converting layers of complex information, diverse partners and media to a simple and transferable collaborative programme, a contemporary silent film about the city where underprivileged children and classical Indian musicians were at the centre of the creative process.

Following the Delhi 2009 pilot, Sergio is producing Global City Symphony, a digital media project using music, archive audiovisual media, participatory documentary and silent digital film production to connect disadvantaged communities around the world. A future creative learning and knowledge sharing platform for online and offline distribution in a network of seven cities will allow citizens to creatively express issues affecting their lives and the future sustainability of the cities.