Swen Vincke

Swen has been in the games industry since 1997, handling multiple roles as he founded Larian Studios. He was the lead software engineer/designer on all of Larian Studios projects up until 2005. His most important credits as a software engineer include the multiple award-winning Divine Divinity (2002), Beyond Divinity (2004), The Led Wars (1997) as well as a series of other games (12 of them).

In addition to also designing all of the previous games, he designed KetnetKick, the world’s first online creative community for broadcasters which broke all kinds of records in Belgium (VRT, Belgian national broadcaster) and received the kids awards for best game twice (2004, 2005). KetnetKick is has since been licensed by the BBC (UK national broadcaster) under the name Adventure Rock, NRK (Norwegian national broadcaster) and one of the biggest French national broadcasters.

Since 2005 he’s more focused on managing his teams which consist of 40 people and doing the business development for Larian Studios. He is actively involved in the design of all of Larian’s projects including the critically acclaimed Divinity II: Ego Draconis and the innovative Monkey Labs.

He has published several articles in Game developers magazine, speaks at various game developer conferences, regularly gives seminars and pushed through several research projects, both national and international, with both academic and industrial partners.

Monkey Labs, one of his most recent projects, is MEDEA Finalist 2010.