Niki Van Mechelen

Niki Van Mechelen is one of the two didactic coaches in CVO Antwerpen Zuid and also projectmanager. In the past years she has developed many skills concerning e-learning and the use of all kinds of tools. Her knowledge varies from the use of social media in an educational perspective to working with software like Adobe e-Learning Suite, exelearning, opensource software to develop podcasts and videopodcast. She has followed many workshops and longer trainings as well as visited many international and national conferences on the subject. Her main expertise has become the use of social media, games, podcasts and videopodcast in an educational way.

Over the past years she has taught many workshops teaching educators how to use certain e-learning tools and how to create e-content.

In september 2009 CVO Antwerpen-Zuid has started several projects concerning e-learning. Her role in these projects is mainly consulting, coaching and leading the projects. The main goal of these projects is to motivate teachers in becoming experts in e-learning (or use of tools) themselves so they can in turn pass their knowledge over to a less experienced teacher.