Andrew Watt

Andrew Watt is an independent consultant in the application of ICT and new media to learning and teaching in school education. He is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Previous to his present role, he was Senior Development Officer with the City of Edinburgh Council Children and Families Department where he led a specialised team that worked with and trained teachers throughout the City of Edinburgh to show them how E-Learning can enhance and transform the learning experience of their pupils and their own pedagogical approach. As an independent consultant he now does very similar things but to a much wider clientele.

He previously taught for over 30 years at all levels in a Secondary School, including senior management, and his experience in the classroom has shaped and reinforced his thinking on the implications for teaching and learning of new and emerging technologies. During this time he was involved in developing and piloting many initiatives both locally and nationally and collaborated in a research project in America. He has spoken at conferences on both sides of the Atlantic.

At Media and Learning – 2010 Andrew will be facilitating the ‘Show and Tell’ session on Thursday 25th in the Cailliau Room entitled ‘Cool Tools and Innovative Practices’.