Stand 1: INgeBEELD Media Wisdom Platform

The INgeBEELD Media Wisdom Platform is an initiative of CANON Cultural Unit of the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training. It is a learning platform offering a number of concrete work packages and teaching materials divided into 4 different educational pathways with a specific target audience:

- INgeBEELD 1: 3-8 years - Nursery school and first grade of primary school (an offline box)
- INgeBEELD 2: 6-14 years - Primary school and first grade of secondary education (an offline box)
- INgeBEELD 3: 12-18 years - Secondary education
- INgeBEELD 4: teachers in training and in practice

The INgeBEELD Media Wisdom Platform is specially developed to allow teachers - most of whom were educated in the traditional ‘literary’ manner - to promote media wisdom within the existing school curriculum. The platform is an open, digital learning environment in which pupils, students, teachers and lecturers work together to increase multimedia literacy on the basis of relevant best practice.



Dirk Terryn, CANON Cultural Unit, Flemish Government, Belgium
Dirk Terryn is a former teacher secondary education and former arts educator in Drama and Creative Writing. He is the author of both study books as well as fiction (poetry, plays). Since 2001 he has been working at the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training and is a staff member of CANON Cultural Unit, which is part of the Flemish Agency for Educational Communication and aims to build bridges between culture and education. He is responsible for media and intercultural education, project leader of INgeBEELD and the Days of Literature Education.