Prof Lizbeth Goodman

Lizbeth is Professor of Inclusive Design for Education and Chair of Creative Technology Innovation at University College Dublin, where she is an Executive Board member leading the Creative DNA strand of the new Innovation Academy between UCD and Trinity College for the HEA, and heading up the UCD Higher Research Strategy Committee’s New Strategy Proposal for Innovation and Creative Media Arts Research, as well as leading on Research for the School of Education. SMARTlab’s new European main base is now evolving in bespoke studios at UCD, whilst new studios are also opening in Seattle at the University of Washington and in Toronto at the Ontario College of Art and Design, with other high level research sites due to come on stream soon.

Lizbeth founded the SMARTlab 20 years ago and has developed the world renowned practice-based PhD Programme through the institute, along with the associated MAGIC Multimedia and Games Innovation Centre and Gamelab, which Lizbeth designed with industry collaborators as a prime knowledge transfer space in the London docklands, from which base the team has been developing applications and projects in the social entrepreneurship and volunteering/IT sectors in preparation for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Lizbeth and her teams specialise in developing ground-up technology solutions for people of all levels of cognitive and physical ability, from mainstream learners of all ages to ‘special’ and ‘gifted’ learners and lifelong learners in the developed and developing worlds. In all her work, she applies a universal design method to practice-based innovation to transform lives through providing unlimited access to education and tools for creative expression.