Stand 4: Viducate

The European network „viducate“ is about video education – bringing video production into the world of education. It is a network which has developed from long running experience with video projects within schools, universities and teacher training institutions.

Viducate is based on a non-prescriptive pedagogy. Video work is seen as a reflective activity, fostering the critical skills of the learners. The network offers yearly events across Europe, a growing collection of relevant papers and a state-of-the-art video gallery with productions in three categories: creativity, citizenship and intercultural communication.

We are open for new friends and keen to receive interesting video experiences, papers and overall comments or suggestions. Viducate is supported by the European Commission through the Lifelong Learning Programme.

You can also visit Viducate's Ning network on



Felix Hawran, Kulturring in Berlin, Germany
Felix Hawran is media educator at the Kulturring in Berlin, focussing on the topics of intercultural communication, media literacy and languages. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Literary, Cultural and Media Studies and promotes video education across the continent with the European network project viducate. Besides that, he is working as a DJ, translator and language teacher.