Sachiko Imaizumi Kodaira

Since joining in NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) in 1977, Sachiko I. Kodaira has been conducting various kinds of studies regarding “Educational Use of Media” and “Children and the Media” at the NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute  In both areas, she studies both the Japanese situation and international trends. She also served as an educational affairs commentator on NHK Radio and TV (2000 - 2009). She served as a Jury member for the JAPAN PRIZE International Educational Program Contest in 2006.

She is a member of the Japan Association for Educational Media Study [Vice President since 2009, Board member, 1997-present], the Japan Society for Studies in Journalism and Mass Communication [Board member, 1997-2001], the Japan Society of Educational Sociology, Early Childhood Education Association of Japan, and the Japan Society for Educational Technology. She has taught Education and Media Studies part time at Sophia University(Tokyo), Osaka University, Musashi University, etc. 

Her recent publications include “Trends in World Educational Media: Based on Entries to the JAPAN PRIZE since 2000” (2011, English) “Advancing Digitalization in Japanese Classrooms and the Future of Media Use in Education: From the 2010 NHK School Broadcast Utilization Survey” (2011, English) “A Consideration of Educational Broadcasting in the Digital Era: Based on an Analysis of International Trends from the 1990s” (2009, Japanese) “Utilization of Educational Media in Japanese Schools: Present and Future” (2008, English) “Children’s Television: Trends around the World” (2005, English) “Where does educational TV go? ” (2005, English for TelevIZIon) “The Latest Trends in Media Literacy Education in Britain” (2004, Japanese) “Studies on Children and TV in Japan: Analyzing the Last Fifty Years for Further Study and Discussion” (2003, Japanese) “Global Trends in Educational Broadcasts for Children: Highlighting the Japan Prize International Educational Program Contest”(2003, Japanese)and “ The Influence of Television on Children Around the World: Towards Further Discussion and Studies (regulations and media literacy)”(2000, Japanese).  

Her recent international presentations include “Educating the next generation: The digital transformation of public service broadcasting in Japan”(University of Sydney, 2011)  “The Trends of the World’s Educational Contents: Past Grand-Prix Japan Prize Winners Revisited” JAPAN PRIZE 2010 Cross-Forum Special Lecture  (Tokyo, 2010) and “Research on Children and Media by NHK: Its framework and some output examples from recent studies” Fourth World Summit on Media for Children and Adolescents, (Rio de Janeiro, 2004).

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