Dave Schrauwen

Dave Schrauwen is a teacher in the 6th grade in a municipal elementary school in Merksplas in Belgium.

In May 2010 Dave and his class were allowed to participate in Schoolovision 2010. This Eurovisionsongfestival for primary schools is a European Quality Label winning eTwinning project.

Dave and his class enjoyed being in this project that much that Dave decided he wanted to create an eTwinning project on his own. After he worked in the classroom on a science-assignment he and his class loved, he decided to ask Michael Purves (organisor of Schoolovision) to be his mentor and create The European Chain Reaction together. This was the first time Dave set up an eTwinning-project and some advice would be very welcome.

After thinking out the concept of the competition/collaboration Dave began searching for participants on the eTwinning-forum and he set up a blog and e-mailed all guidelines and the timetable to all contestants.

To see what the project is all about, please visit our blog at www.theeuropeanchainreaction.blogspot.com! To enter the European Chain Reaction 2012, please visit www.ecr2012.blogspot.com!