Robin Kerremans

Robin Kerremans (°25 January 1982) obtained his law degree (cum laude) at the KUL in 2005. The final year of his studies he attended the Universidad de Deusto in Bilbao (Spain), participating in the "Erasmus Exchange Project".

In October 2005 Robin started working as a student counselor, teaching "contract law" to university students. In 2006 he moved to South-East Asia, where he traveled Thailand, Malaisia and Indonesia for five months. After a brief period working in Antwerp (as a lawyer and a trader), he moved back to Leuven to join ICRI at the end of 2007.

Robin's areas of expertise are copyright law and media law. He is involved in different IBBT projects concerning digital registration, archiving and dissemination of copyrighted material (BOM-Vlaanderen, Archipel, Vlaanderen In Beeld). He was also involved in studies in this field for the flemish government and other stakeholders of the media sector. Robin was also part of the study team conducting the independent study on indicators for media pluralism in the European member states, commissioned by the European Commission (DG INFSO).