Nikos Theodosakis

Nikos Theodosakis is an advocate for meaningful education.

Founder of the OliveUs Education Society, he is the architect of the InStill Life, Preserving Your Culture and The Director in the Classroom projects. His book "The Director in the Classroom: How Filmmaking Inspires Learning" examines connected learning through digital media production in the classroom and is a resource for teacher training around the world.

He works with schools and organizations to help grow meaningful learning projects that connect and matter to students, teachers and communities.


In his keynote, Nikos will be talking about the following:
In classrooms around the world, today's media technologies enhance our students' learning experience by providing rich, engaging and entertaining tools for exploration. But perhaps one of the greatest opportunities media creation in the classroom provides is in transforming not just how we learn, but why.

Beyond merely integrating media production as another tool for content learning and skill development, Nikos champions media projects that enable students to explore and create authentic connections to their world, their community, their family and ultimately, to themselves. He believes that when learning is about the real world, and when students see their ability to impact on that world, then we elevate our children from being students of a school to being citizens of their world.

Examples of student projects will be presented as well as examples from Nikos' own Preserving Your Culture project which enable students to create community stories that preserve living history while at same time create archives of student produced resources to be used by future generations of learners.

Believing that students want their learning and their lives to have significance, Nikos examines how thoughtfully produced classroom media projects can matter to students, teachers and their communities and then provides some gentle and practical ideas on how we can bring such projects to life.