Mike O’Donoghue

I am a lecturer and researcher in the School of Education at the University of Manchester, UK. After five years working with colleagues in Preston and Plymouth as a presenter and producer for satellite broadcast materials I became the manager of a college-based CATV station with a live daily broadcast schedule. Since then I’ve developed courses, qualifications and materials in video production for education and in teaching and learning in higher education. My professional interests and work centre on those creative and production processes involved in the development of abstract, academic ideas into moving image learning or teaching resources ; in particular, on what we can do to improve the quality of these materials to achieve their intended learning outcomes. I’ve been privileged to meet and video interview a number of highly esteemed broadcasters and educational thinkers in pursing this theme, a number of which are available from my website.

Contact email: michael.o’donoghue@manchester.ac.uk