Jolanta Galecka

I am a certified attorney (specialized in author’s rights, no longer practicing), with a passion for learning and a practice of teaching in a few countries. I studied law, sociology, psychology and languages throughout my life. I worked in Microsoft where I acquainted myself with technology. I taught languages at private courses (English, Spanish and Polish), taught in a Spanish Academy (in Spanish), was an assistant in a Montessori School (in English) and volunteered in a Waldorf School. I represented different companies in front of many courts including the Supreme Court of Poland. I organized and presented lectures, conferences and training seminars for groups of people ranging from 15-300 participants during my vice-presidency in ELSA (both in English and in Polish) and in the past year I gave several presentations during trade shows (working as a communication specialist for Young Digital Planet, where I am currently taking over from Mr. Artur Dyro – the founder of the Company, in the area of giving public speeches).

I am deeply engaged in the education of my own children trying to find ways to improve it, researching all the options and often testing various concepts and ideas.

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