Els Janssens

Since March 2006 Els Janssens has been working for Bednet in Belgium. The non-profit organization Bednet was founded to serve children and adolescents aged from 6 to 18 years in the Flemish region (Belgium) who suffer from long –term and/or chronic illness. The service wants to decrease learning gap caused by the illness and to re-establish / maintain social contact of sick children with the “outside world”, in particular their friends and teacher(s).

In contrast to dedicated hospital schools, the Bednet scheme enables the child to attend classes and educational activities of the own mainstream school through broadband internet links. An adapted computer configuration and specific developed software with intuitive user interface simulates the class situation at the child’s site. A broadband internet connection enables two-way communication and is also used to keep contact with the classmates during and outside class time.

Els Janssens is managing director of Bednet. Today Bednet helps more than 100 children simultaneously. More information: www.bednet.be.