Stand 3: MEDEA

The MEDEA2020 project is exploiting existing know-how and experience in the use of media in education and training in Europe building on the experience of the MEDEA Awards competition, a unique forum where excellent examples of media-based learning resources are rewarded and promoted as good practices.

Project team members are supporting the creation of an active community of interest in the use of media enhanced learning by providing opportunities for exchanging information and expertise. This includes the organisation of hands-on workshops in Ireland, Spain, Italy, Poland and France and making relevant resources available online in the
Media & Learning Resource Base.

The project has also set up two special prizes in the MEDEA Awards competition, which in 2012 are focused on European Collaboration and on the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. Furthermore the project supports the annual European Media & Learning Conference, and is setting up the permanent not-for-profit MEDEA: Media & Learning Association to support the on-going work and activities of the MEDEA community.


The MEDEAnet project is promoting media-based learning to organisations and practitioners by providing local training and networking events, online resources and opportunities for knowledge sharing. The project partners are also exploiting best practices emerging from the annual MEDEA Awards competition and extending its existing informal network as well as supporting the MEDEA: Media & Learning Association, a membership organisation being set up to ensure the sustainability of the MEDEA Awards.

The partners are organising workshops in each of the 7 partner countries to share best practice with the input of MEDEA Awards’ winners and finalists. They are also offering regular public webinars on topics related to media-based learning. An annual MEDEAnet report on media literacy, skills in educational media production and the use of media-based teaching resources will be published from 2012 to 2014.