Stand 2: EFQUEL

The European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning (EFQUEL) is a Non-Profit Association which has its origins in three successful European eLearning projects, all in the field of quality in E-Learning in Europe. The Federation is today’s largest network on quality in e-Learning in Europe and has members from all over Europe and even beyond.

Over the years, EFQUEL has developed a quality portfolio that covers the quality of both products and programmes in the field of technology-enhanced learning The UNIQUe quality label focuses on the use of ICT to enhance educational provision and learning support, throughout the entire breadth of activity of the Higher Education Institution. This sophisticated approach demands an applicant to meet high quality standards for programme objectives, programme structure, content, resources and learning processes. Secondly EFQUEL hosts ECBCheck which is a new accreditation and quality improvement scheme for E-Learning programmes and institutions in international Capacity Building. It supports capacity building organisations to measure how successful their e-learning programmes are and allows for continuous improvement though peer collaboration and bench-learning.



Marie Bijnens, EFQUEL
As the EFQUEL director Marie Bijnens is responsible for strengthening the EFQUEL network and for seeking opportunities for EFQUEL members to generate expertise through EFQUEL activities. Apart from overall EFQUEL management, Marie is responsible for internal quality assurance, M&E and validation activities within European funded projects and the overall management of the EFQUEL quality frameworks, tools and guidelines that are within EFQUEL’s quality portfolio (UNIQUe, Open ECBcheck, SEVAQ+)