Stand 4: ViPi

Recent surveys have demonstrated that many people with disabilities lack the basic knowledge of ICT usage, thus also putting themselves in a vulnerable place regarding employability, since many employment opportunities require knowledge of using a desktop, touchscreen and supporting software. ViPi aims to provide a complete set of basic ICT skills training support (handbook, curriculum and training content) supported by mobile and desktop educative games, as well as a supporting portal where relevant learning objects will be referred to.



Bernard Van Isacker, ViPi, Belgium
Bernard Van Isacker, VIPI, Belgium, is a graduated journalist, and has been working for the past 9 years in the media and entertainment market, and in this respect has acquired extensive expertise in media techniques. In recent years he has also acquired extensive expertise in disability issues, and has been involved in online training activities for people with disabilities, and more specifically in the field of assistive technology, and the accessibility, searchability (SEO) and usability of websites.