Stand 2: KlasCement and Jonatan Academie

In Jonatan Berkenboom, a primary school for children with learning difficulties, they flipped the idea of the Flipped classroom. Not the teachers, but the students, made video instructions on learning subjects. They use Microsoft Powerpoint to create clear schemes, record their voice and combine everything in an educational movie. The movies are shared via the school website to support pupils, their parents and the teachers in the classroom.

The teachers’ portal KlasCement offers the ideal platform for the school’s project to share their results with all schools in Flanders. When the movies are added to KlasCement they are enriched with the right metadata. This way KlasCement users can search on keywords and filter the results in a snap by selecting the right age level or subject. Inspired teachers who want to create educational movies find all manuals, lesson plans and students’ materials to get started as well.



Bram Faems, Jonatan Academy and KlasCement, Belgium
After ten years working as an ICT Coordinator in elementary school Jonatan Berkenboom, Bram Faems got the opportunity to broaden his horizons thanks to the teachers’ portal KlasCement. There he moderates the teaching materials that teachers submit and he coordinates several projects. On his blog, he writes about his passion to blend emerging technologies with education. In 2012 he was awarded by the Queen Paola Foundation for Education and by Microsoft Partners in Learning for the work he did for the Jonatan Academy.