Steffen Töppler

Steffen Töppler teaches at Freie Schule Kassel, a small primary school in the heart of Germany which was founded by a parents' initiative some 20 years ago. He has been the German partner of Schoolovision since the project first started in 2009. He represents eTwinning as an ambassador in the State of Hesse and is involved in a number of projects, among them last year’s MEDEA Award winnerThe European Chain Reaction”.

Participation in this event is on behalf of project founder Michael Purves of Yester Primary School in Gifford, Scotland and the whole Schoolovision team of the past four editions.
Michael Purves invented this project in order to engage children from across Europe in a fun and easy-to-join activity in a common and cross-cultural language which is: music.
Over a dinner conversation with his wife in 2008 it sprang to his mind to copy the well-known Eurovision Song Contest format and translate it into a concept for primary schools that make the best use of ICT in order to work together online.
The Schoolovision project has steadily grown over the past years and now spans the farthest ends of Europe, including a good number of non-EU members, making 38 altogether in 2012.