Petra Fischer

Petra Fischer has a background in Art Studies and Communication Studies. She graduated from Utrecht University in 1998 with a MA in Media Psychology. She has since been active as trainer, educational designer and consultant specialized in Learning and ICT / the integration of ICTs in education: in secondary education and professional education as well as in higher education.

She started her working career in 1998 at IVLOS Institute of Education, a department of Utrecht University that provides teacher education and educational support, design and development. She continued her career on the subject of ICT and Learning working at Kennisnet (a public ICT support organisation for primary, secondary and professional education in the Netherlands) and at NijghVersluys (an educational publisher).

Since June 2006 Petra Fischer works as educational designer, trainer and advisor at the Centre for Educational Training, Assessment and Research (CETAR) of VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since February 2012 the team of ‘educational designers’ and ‘consultants in education and ICT’ is transferred from Cetar and is now located at the University Library of VU University Amsterdam. Petra Fischer supports teacher trainers, teachers and staff members of several faculties with educational projects and the development of pedagogical ICT-competencies.

Special interest and expertise in:

  • social media in education
  • active and collaborative learning, for example Virtual Action Learning (VAL)
  • video in education (knowledge clips, flipped classroom, podcasting, digital storytelling)
  • electronic portfolio in education
  • information- and media literacy in education