Media and Learning 2013

Media & Learning 2013 will include a demo area open for all participants and operating throughout the 2 day conference. The idea behind this space is to show pre-commercial or non-commercial products or service including games and media-rich teaching resources. All demos will be accompanied by resource information and follow-up information.

iRead+ outputs
In the iMinds-ICON project iRead+, ITEC-KULeuven and MMLAB-Ugent created an 'enrichment pipeline' to provide linguistic annotations and encyclopedic information to textual data. Besides the academic POC, we will show applications for 1) general readers, 2) language learners and 3) students with reading difficulties.

Contact person at the conference: Stefan De Wannemacker, research manager iMinds-ITEC-KULeuven

Eduvista - The Future Classroom Scenario toolkit
Discover this toolkit developed within the iTEC project for schools to create innovative visions of the future classroom, keeping pace with trends in society and technology.
Organisation: iTEC/European Schoolnet

Contact person at the conference: Elina Jokisalo

inGenious – Teaching practices for engaging science lessons
inGenious, the European Coordinating Body in STEM Education, brings together teachers and industry to excite students about maths and science subjects. inGenious identifies and shares free teaching practices developed by industry, including industry visits, hands-on experiments, games and competitions.
Organisation: European Schoolnet

Contact person at the conference: Maïte Debry

GLOBAL Virtual Science Hub – “ViSH"
ViSH enables students and teachers access to the experimental laboratories and resources of selected e-Infrastructures in order to improve science curricula. By connecting e-Infrastructures, resources and tools with schools, pupils can experience real e-science applications in areas of high relevance for the future, such as nano- and biotechnologies.
Organisation: European Schoolnet

Contact person at the conference: Maïte Debry

iTEC Widget Store – iTEC – Designing the future classroom
With the iTEC Widget Store you can collect resources and tools from around the Web, create your own, and make and deploy them in a wide range of activities. This allows teachers and educational coordinators to easily capture content and tools from around the web and deliver them as widget web apps; describe why they are useful, and share their collection of resources; search their own and others' collections; deploy their resources in a range of platforms and if they have programming skills, create their own applications for individuals or groups. The store is demonstrated in an integration with Moodle.
Organisation: iTEC

Contact person at the conference: Dai Griffiths

Resources for Special Needs Education – European Schoolnet
SENnet provides information and support for those working to develop the use of technology to improve access for school age learning with special educational needs. Explore here the video case studies developed within the project.
Organisation: European Schoolnet

Contact person at the conference: Elina Jokisalo

E-Safety Catalogue - Child Focus
Child Focus is the Belgian Safer Internet Centre and provides information to teachers and social workers on the opportunities and risks of the internet and cyberbullying. They have developed an integrated e-safety programme at the core of which is an e-safety catalogue, which gives teachers and principals an overview of all the pedagogical, didactical and educational tools that have been developed. The catalogue describes 25 tools in technical factsheets, providing information on the purpose and target group of the tool, the topics it covers and the technical features it entails.
Organisation: Child Focus

Contact person at the conference: Nadège Bastiaenen

12 - 13 December 2013 Flemish Ministry of Education Headquarters, Brussels #mlconf13
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