Ene Koitla

Ene Koitla graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tartu. I am the Head of the Innovation Centre for Digital Education where she began working in June 2003. Innovation Centre for Digital Education manages the two consortiums – Estonian e-University and e-VET.
Estonian e-University was founded February 16, 2003. Estonian e-VET was founded February 16, 2005. There are 30 vocational schools and 6 applied universities in the Estonian e-Vet consortium. The main goal of the consortiums is to cooperate in the following areas: e-Learning content development, staff training (teachers, educational technologists), staff support (educational technologists), infrastructure, e-Learning studies and coordination of the e-Learning programs.
She participated in several working groups within the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research and contributed to preparation and writing of the new strategy for Estonian higher education. She takes active part in the work of several different international e-learning organizations (EFQUEL; EIfEL; EDEN).