Jan T'Sas

Jan T’Sas is assistent in Dutch didactics at the University of Antwerp, where he also teaches the courses ‘Language and learning’ and ‘Enhancing learning processes’. He has taught Dutch, English and history in secondary schools, is the author of several school books and provides in-service training for teachers . Specialising in topics like language, education and ICT he has been (and still is) working as editor and editor-in-chief for various media, like Klasse, iSCHOOL Magazine and Taalschrift. He is also a regularly asked moderator of education debates and workshops.
Currently, Jan T’Sas is coordinating Nieuwsbegrip Vlaanderen, which is an innovating teaching method for reading comprehension featuring weekly teaching materials drawn from topical matter. Finally, being an enthusiastic chess-player he is the president of chess club SK Oude-God.

Personal website, including innovating teaching materials on language study and exploratory talk for learning in secondary education: www.neejandertaal.be