Laure Endrizzi

Laure Endrizzi is research analyst at the French Institute of Education (IFÉ) in École normale supérieure de Lyon (ENSL), France.

Her areas of expertise cover the following topics:
- university teaching and learning, transition to higher education,
- ICT in education, cross-curricular competencies (such as media literacy),
- student assessment, educational and vocational guidance,
- quality of research, digital publishing in social sciences.

She has been working in the field of education and training since 2004, when she joined INRP, merged into ENSL and renamed IFÉ in 2011. Laure and her colleagues deal with 3 types of activities:
- monitoring research production through its publications and its conferences and keeping an online record of the most valuable resources
- mapping out the key research networks, the main experts and the core publications on a particular topic, and designing dedicated services to gather and disseminate such information
- reviewing the literature in order to highlight commonalities and discrepancies between European and North American systems

Laure's unit has become a major player both like a distributor and a broker of academic knowledge in France. Its literature reviews, published on a monthly basis, are one of the most valuable initiatives providing policymakers and educational stakeholders with academic knowledge that is not internally produced.
Laure has also been a lecturer in information management at the Lyon 3 University since 2008 and she works as occasional trainer at professional organizations focusing on education or information science. Recently she also took part in the recruitment committee for school librarians.
Relying on a growing expertise in the quality of educational research, Laure was involved in several European projects, such as NESSE (Network of Experts in Social Sciences of Education and training) and EIPEE (Evidence Informed Policy in Education in Europe).
Recent international commitments include the relaunch of the French branch of AIPU (association internationale de pédagogie universitaire).
Laure can be contacted at

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