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The main goal of the Open Education Europa portal is to offer access to all existing European Open Educational Resources in different languages in order to be able to present them to learners, teachers and researchers.

Open Education Europa is a dynamic platform built with the latest cutting-edge open-source technology, offering a powerful search, tools for communicating, sharing and discussing.

The portal is structured in 3 main sections:
• The FIND section showcases MOOCs, courses, and Open Educational Resources by leading European institutions. Each institution is also featured in this section alongside the MOOCs, courses, and the Open Educational Resources it provides.
• The SHARE section is the space where portal users (scholars, educators, policymakers, students and other stakeholders) come together to share and discuss solutions for a diverse range of educational issues by posting blogs, sharing events, and engaging in thematic discussions.
• The IN-DEPTH section hosts eLearning Papers — the world’s most visited e-journal on open education and new technologies —, provides an exhaustive list of EU-funded projects, and highlights the latest news about open education as well as the most relevant recently published scholarly articles.

See here a video about the portal.

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Nicholas Standage, PAU - Open Education Europa, Spain
Nicholas is a communications officer for the Open Education Europa portal, the gateway to European innovative learning. Among other topics, his daily activities include social media strategy and implementation, search engine marketing and optimization as well as event management. At the same time, Nicholas is the Project Coordinator for the EPSI platform, a European Commission (DG CONNECT) portal which aims to encourage the re-use of Public Sector Information in Europe.