Stand 1 - Federica

Federica has occupied a central position in the field of OER and innovative web-learning since 2007. It offers free, anytime anywhere access to converging learning environments including multimedia courseware, research library, image library, and lecture theatre. And to the wider world of knowledge and student communities on the web itself. With its 330 courses, 5,000 lessons, 1,000 podcasts and 4 million visits per year, Federica serves as learning support for registered university students, as in-depth supplementary material for keener learners, or as quality content for external learners. It also serves as a popular tool for 360° student orientation. This function is expanded on, a recent addition to the Federica hub in conjunction with Treccani and Corriere della Sera, offering information on universities all over Italy. Federica also features on the new Open Education Europa portal. The latest evolution of Federica is the development of EMMA, a European Multi MOOCs Aggregator. Federica will head a partnership of leading experts in the field of educational technology, instructional design, multi-lingual translation and learning analytics to showcase online learning content from across the continent and pilot a customised, connectivist pan-European approach to MOOCs.

On the Federica Web Learning stand are representatives of the Federica and EMMA team. Dario De Notaris is in Interface Development, Ruth Kerr Internationalisation and P.R., Ilaria Merciai Scientific Communication and Events Management and Miriana Tizzani Content Management and Internationalisation.



Dario de Notaris, University Federico II, Italy
Dario De Notaris, PhD in Sociology and Social Research, lectures in Web and New Media at the University of Naples, Federico II and in Communication: theory, techniques and applications at the Academy of Arts in Naples. His research interests focus on cultural interfaces and socio-technical relations between people. computers and culture, and he is also involved in applied research for the Virtual Campus Project at Federica. He has recently worked as a part of the team that designed and presented the EMMA project.

Ruth Kerr, University Federico II, Italy
Ruth has worked in ESL for many years, involved in teacher training and course design as well as exam preparation courses. In recent years, she has worked as a language lecturer at the University of Naples and was part of the team that developed online learning at the Federico II University Language Centre. She has also translated numerous books, articles and websites for various faculties. Her role at Federica is editing learning content on various areas of the site and translating course materials into English, before focusing on PR and Internationalisation. She has recently worked as a part of the team that designed and presented the EMMA project.

Ilaria Merciai, University Federico II, Italy
A scientific journalist with a Bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and a Master's in Science Communication. An experienced Press Officer for various Science conferences as well as for literary and cultural events. An internship at TG Neapolis at RAI 3 sparked Ilaria's interest in the world of Internet Communication and New Technologies and for the last six years she has worked for Federica, the web-learning portal at the Federico II University in Naples. Using and building on her previous experience, her role focuses on aspects of communication and events management, and also on monitoring visitor trends and analysing, producing and editing learning content and resources. She has recently worked as a part of the team that designed and presented the EMMA project.

Miriana Tizzani, University Federico II, Italy
She graduated in Communication Sciences from the University of Bologna and have always been interested in the Internet and love exploring it. She believes in the free dissemination of knowledge and the power of the web to achieve this. Working at Federica has enabled her to take this ambition a step further through her role in the editing and management of the multimedia content, including the English language materials and Internationalisation of the platform. She is also responsible for evaluating and reviewing scientific resources on the Web and involved in other project-related communication and information work. She has recently worked as a part of the team that designed and presented the EMMA project. Linkedin profile: