Stand 5 - EMEDUS

European Media Literacy Education Study – EMEDUS aims to provide recommendations to the European Commission to support the development of educational policies in the field of Lifelong Learning. EMEDUS is doing an extensive comparative analysis on media education in the EU member countries in three areas: formal education, informal education, and the inclusion of disadvantaged groups in media education. EMEDUS is verifying the inclusion of media education in the European school curricula and the project is also collecting good practices across Europe of informal education institutions and NGO's and pays special attention to minorities and disadvantaged groups. The European Media Literacy Observatory, scheduled for the final phase of the project, will create an effective network for the cooperation in media education lifelong learning and in media and information literacy in general. EMEDUS is coordinated by to Autonomous University of Barcelona and includes six other European partners.



Juan-Francisco Martínez-Cerdá, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
Researcher at Autonomous University of Barcelona. BSc in Mathematics (University of Valencia), Master in ICT Management (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) and Master in Information and Knowledge Society (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). He is a PhD Candidate in eLearning at eLearn Center - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Previously, he worked as a Head of Studies at Observatory on Information Society (Government of Catalonia), after more than ten years as an expert consultant in Information Society at several companies related to ICT industrial sector.