Stand 4 - REC:All

More and more higher education institutes across Europe are recording their live lectures and putting the videos online as a way to support students in their learning. REC:all brings together European experts who are investigating and implementing lecture capture initiatives in higher education. The aim of REC:all is to explore new ways in which lecture capture can become more pedagogically valuable and engaging, and is investigating a variety of learning design, technical and legal issues. By exploring student & teacher needs REC:all is developing guidelines for teachers to enable innovative and interactive educational designs that exploit the potential of this new technology.



Sylvia Moes, VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sylvia Moes is a project manager and innovation manager media at the VU University in Amsterdam, since September 2000. She has led several national SURF projects to intensify learning by the integration of video. She did win the most innovative project in the period of 2000-2010, this award was given by SURF in the Netherlands. Participation in EU-projects were: VideoAktive and REC:all. In REC:all she is the work package leader of the case studies. Sylvia Moes is the chair of the Special Interest Group (SIG) "WEBstroom". This SIG has more than 500 members in the Netherlands and Flanders, and has the goal "to power media knowlegde of staff members in higher education", via interactive live webinars, seminars and face-to-face meetings. Topics at this moment are: added value of media for education, organisation and integration, but also technical aspects are covered. Furthermore Sylvia was also one of the experts in the field of learning technologies, and now she is also active on "learning analytics".