Stand 3 - Media & Learning Association

The Media & Learning Association is an international, not-for-profit association which aims to promote and stimulate the use of media as a way to enhance innovation and creativity in teaching and learning across all levels of education in Europe.
Association members have access to several services. These include a workshop bureau, that contains information on a range of possible workshops topics and leaders , several communications services and a project facilitation and knowledge sharing service which provides members with regular updates on potential relevant funding opportunities including those offered by the European Commission as well as private funding schemes. Association members are also entitled to several benefits related to the Media and Learning Annual Conference.
In the future, this organisation will take over the organisation and management of the annual Media & Learning Conference, the MEDEA Awards and other related projects and initiatives including the organisation of workshops, information events and the publication of the monthly Media & Learning Newsletter.



Eleonora Pantò, CSP - Innovazione nelle ICT, Italy

Eleonora Pantò has worked in CSP since 2000 as Digital media and contents manager. She is in charge of technological innovation projects dealing with social computing and particularly related to elearning, digital communities and open source. She managed two research laboratories in collaboration with University of Torino, related to Social Media and Knwoledge Communities. She is the project leader of the Dschola project, a regional school network, recognised as a Good Practice by EU, in addition she is the Director of the Dschola Association. She also coordinated some projects related to video and education, like Eticommunity (video literacy for high school students) and Extracampus TV (first edition of the webtv for the University of Turin).

She participated in several European projects, as chairperson of the IANIS+ Elearning Working Group and as project officer for others. She designed and managed vocational training initiative and in quality of Co-ordinator of a regional vocational training agency and she participated in a European studies seminar (Socrates). She published books and articles on the Internet effect on schools and education.

Mathy Vanbuel, ATiT, Belgium

Mathy has many years of experience in the production of educational multimedia and the development of technology solutions in the domain of education, training and culture. As a cinematographer, director and head of educational multimedia production of the Audiovisual Services of K.U. Leuven and later as a director/senior consultant with Ecotec Research and Consulting in Brussels he was involved as coordinator or partner in numerous research projects such as the European Commission Research Frameworks.

In 1999 he co-founded the independent company ATiT (Audiovisual Technologies, Informatics & Telecommunications), a Belgian SME involved in the integration of appropriate technologies to support teaching and learning in projects worldwide, where he is now Managing Co-Director. Within ATiT, he is managing the production of educational multimedia materials and the design and building of ICT-based solutions for training, teaching and learning.

He is Lecturer eLearning Design at KHLIM in the InterFaculty (Maastricht) and researches design and usability issues of learning media.

Mathy's expertise is in the domain of education technologies and eLearning (including game based learning), appropriate use of (multi)media in education. He has co-authored several publications in the field of media in education, including teacher manuals about video integration in classrooms.

Mathy is co-founder of the MEDEA Awards, a competition about recognising, encouraging and rewarding excellence and creativity in media in education, where he is also chairperson of the judging committee. Mathy has been a member of the Steering Group for the Online Educa Berlin conference since 1995. He is an appreciated judge for the Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards since 2006.

Gérard Casanova, Vidéoscop, Université Nancy 2, France
Gerard is a lecturer at Université de Lorraine and currently works in the digital utilisation department (direction des usages du numérique). He has been actively involved in digital learning for more than 15 years where the focus of his work has been on the creation and tutoring of online training courses and the support and training of those responsible for the design and production of learning resources as well as tutoring at a distance. Gerard’s work has included pedagogical responsibility for a full online masters course.

Bernard Mullarkey, IADT, Ireland
Bernard Mullarkey

Ene Koitla, HITSA, Estonia

Ene Koitla graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tartu. I am the Head of the Innovation Centre for Digital Education where she began working in June 2003. Innovation Centre for Digital Education manages the two consortiums – Estonian e-University and e-VET.

Estonian e-University was founded February 16, 2003. Estonian e-VET was founded February 16, 2005. There are 30 vocational schools and 6 applied universities in the Estonian e-Vet consortium. The main goal of the consortiums is to cooperate in the following areas: e-Learning content development, staff training (teachers, educational technologists), staff support (educational technologists), infrastructure, e-Learning studies and coordination of the e-Learning programs.

She participated in several working groups within the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research and contributed to preparation and writing of the new strategy for Estonian higher education. She takes active part in the work of several different international e-learning organizations (EFQUEL; EIfEL; EDEN).

Wim Van Petegem, KU Leuven, Belgium
Wim Van Petegem holds an MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ghent and one in Biomedical Engineering from the KU Leuven (Belgium). He got his PhD in Electrical Engineering from KU Leuven in 1993. He has worked at the University of Alberta, Edmonton (Canada), at the Open University of the Netherlands and at the Leuven University College (Belgium). From 2001 till 2012 he was the head of the Media and Learning Center at KU Leuven (formerly known as AVNet). Currently he is Professor at KU Leuven and Director of the Teaching and Learning Department. He is actively involved in different networks of universities (like EuroPACE, SEFI, EDEN, IACEE and the Coimbra Group). His current research interests are in the field of multimedia production, new educational technology, networked e-learning, virtual mobility, lifelong learning, open and distance learning, knowledge transfer and science communication. He and his team are involved as contractor, partner, coordinator, expert, or evaluator in many implementation and development projects mostly financed by the European Commission (DG Education and Culture). He is also heavily engaged in development cooperation with the South.